3rd IRDiRC Conference, February 8-9 in Paris, France

Save the date for the third International Rare Diseases Research Consortium conference in Paris, France

The third conference of the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) will take place February 8-9, 2017 in Paris, France at the conference center of Université Pierre et Marie Curie Jussieu.

Since it’s launch in 2011, IRDiRC has made considerable advances in rare diseases research. This conference presents a unique opportunity to reflect upon the progress made, confront barriers, and form new collaborations to take on challenges posed by rare diseases.

All stakeholders – active investigators, policy makers, young researchers and patient advocates alike – active in the area of rare diseases from across the globe are invited to join the IRDiRC conference to celebrate achievements in the field, identify future milestones and goals, and work toward bringing diagnoses and therapies to all rare disease patients.

More information on the IRDiRC is available on the website: www.irdirc.org