Project Mitigate

What is Mitigate?

The overall objective of the MITIGATE project is to develop and validate an integrated closed-loop process to effectively treat metastatic GIST patients resistant to the currently available class of medication, the TKI. This envisaged personalised treatment concept combines innovative strategies for biopsy, inline tissue analysis, molecular tumour characterisation, theranostics by imaging technologies (PET and MRI) and companion radiopharmaceuticals followed by the assessment of biodistribution, dose calculation and measurement of therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, synergistic concepts of minimally-invasive treatment will be applied.


Expected Outcomes

  • Optimisation of biopsy and tissue preparation in suspected GIST for integrated analysis and subtyping of  molecular markers
  • Provision of a large and broadly characterised tumour bank of TKI-responsive and -resistant GIST for generating novel pre-clinical models envisioned to reveal novel markers for TKI-resistance
  • Application of molecular imaging probes for specific GIST features indicating drug resistance, early therapeutic response or progression
  • Development of effective targeted agents with other mechanisms of therapeutic action such as endoradiopharmaceuticals for treatment in patients
  • Combination of this therapeutic approach with alternative, minimally-invasive treatment options for a personalised treatment in the metastatic situation with fewer side effects
  •  Non-invasive monitoring of treatment effects in clinical routine