Project Mitigate

Minimally invasive treatment options

In MITIGATE a number of minimally invasive treatment options will be developed for patients, who display metastatic GIST disease and all of them will reduce the pain and discomfort for patients and allow for faster recovery.


MITIGATE will apply Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), and two methods of percutaneous ablation for GIST liver metastases.

For SIRT, a catheter is placed in the blood vessel that supports the tumour tissue, releasing microspheres (small particles) loaded with a radioactive substance. Thus the tumour will be treated with radiation from within.

For percutaneous ablation, needles are placed in or near the tumour, emitting microwaves, which kill the tumour tissue. An alternative to using microwaves is irreversible electroporation (IRE). Here, more needles surround the tumour and apply electric fields causing death of the tumour. One major advantage of IRE is that the method can be used in tumours next to critical structures like blood vessels.



To improve safety and precision of the probe placement, a robotic navigation system specially developed for these complex interventions will be developed in the next years. This system allows physicians to perform safe and fast interventions with only minimal damage to neighbouring structures.

Information on the developments in minimally invasive therapy is also available in the MITIGATE Minimally Invasive Treatment folder for patients. You can view the folder online by clicking this link, or contact us at if you would like to receive printed folders for distribution.