Project Mitigate

European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, AT

Role and Contribution

In MITIGATE, EIBIR is charged as the project coordinator. Acting as the interface Druckbetween the project and EC, EIBIR will also coordinate administrative and financial aspects of the project, as well as being responsible for dissemination and exploitation activities.

Under the Seventh Framework Programme, EIBIR is also the coordinator of VPH-PRISM, scientific coordinator of Euro-BioImaging and project partner of VPH DARE-IT.


Pamela Zolda


Dr. Pamela Zolda, MITIGATE Project Manager, has over 8 years experience in preparing and managing national and international research and infrastructure projects. In addition to MITIGATE, she is also coordinating Euro-BioImaging (, a pan-European research infrastructure project, and contributes to RAMIRI (, which focuses on training the next generation of global research infrastructure managers. She also acts as EIBIRĀ“s Steering Committee member of the VPH-PRISM project.

Peter Gordebeke

Peter Gordebeke, MSc. is a project manager at EIBIR with a solid PeterGordebekeFotobackground in life sciences. He is skilled in dissemination activities, as well as online publishing and social media communication. He spent time in both academic research and the pharmaceutical industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, next to laboratory work, he was involved in the execution and coordination of projects concerning the implementation of new analytic testing methods and validation of critical equipment. In MITIGATE he is will support WP2 activties on dissemination and exploitation.