Project Mitigate

Rapid Biomedical, DE

Role and Contribution

RAPID Biomedical GmbH contributes to the MITIGATE consortium within the work package WP8 – therapy control. Here functional and metabolic information are to be obtained which are mandatory to detect early response to the targeted radiopharmaceutical approach. This is carried out with the use of X-nuclei MRI (23Na sodium) which enables the measurement of the tissue sodium concentration (TSC) in humans and gives detailed information on the cell metabolism. A dedicated 23Na radio frequency (rf) coil is needed for such investigations to provide the optimum sensitivity and maximum patient comfort. Such coils are the expertise of RAPID Biomedical. Here coils for specific customer needs have been developed, built and CF-certified for more than a decade. A specialised rf coil will therefore be developed by Rapid Biomedical in collaboration with the MR test site at the University Heidelberg. It is particularly important that the MR user and the coil developer work closely together to manufacture a coil that operates well in the final application environment.


Titus Lanz

Head of Research and Development (R&D), working in the field of RF coil development since 1995

Frank Resmer

R&D, development of RF coils since 1999