Project Mitigate

Work Package 7

Minimally Invasive Therapy

WP7 will comprise a concept study to establish how PET-CT guided thermal ablation and focused beam irradiation as well as percutaneous radioactive seed placement, by a manipulator-assisted needle guidance system can be performed. Based on the new PET-CT tracers, the target volumes for minimally-invasive treatment will be adapted. Patient selection for study treatment dependent on mutational status and evaluation of alternative treatment options will be performed.

 Lead: UHEI

Contributing Partners: IPA Fraunhofer

Duration: Month 1 – 48

WP7_1   WP7_2


1st Year`s Achievements

Ethical approval for the planned compassionate use study has been changed according to the recommendations of the CIAB meeting and is ready for submission. Specifications and performance of the assisting device have been defined and will be presented in the upcoming Deliverable.