Project Mitigate

Work Package 3

Biopsy and Preparation for Molecular Analysis

WP3 will develop an endoscopic system that can be navigated to the tumour site, take a tissue sample and transport it to a processing container. An innovative process to isolate tumour cells based on GIST cell specific markers will be designed by the SME partner SCT. WP3 will provide a profile and classification system of TKI-resistant GIST subtypes by mass spectrometry with low noise as well as a database of MS fingerprints that can be correlated with molecularly defined treatments and outcomes.

Lead: Fraunhofer IPA

Contributing Partners: UHEI, SCT, HM

Duration: Month 1 – 18

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1st Year`s Achievements

An endoscopic biopsy system with an innovative cutting and transport mechanism was developed. It is directly connected with a cell dissociation device based on gentle milling of the tissue. Various inserts with alternative forms and distances of the milling teeth have been designed to date. Several markers for GIST cell enrichment were identified and flow cytometry was used to establish both the purity of isolated cells and the specific phenotype of patient samples. Mass spectrometry revealed that fingerprints of imatinib-responsive and –non-responsive cell lines can be distinguished and that these are distinct from other types of cancer. Building a database with available cancer cell line MS fingerprint data has been started.