Project Mitigate

Work Package 6

Translational Studies

WP6 will achieve clinical translation with GMP formulation of tracers and radiopharmaceuticals for use in humans. The tracers and radiopharmaceuticals for PET/CT or SPECT-CT, tested in animals with regard to tumour visualisation and therapeutic effectiveness, will be applied to patients after dosimetry for the first time. Optimisation using PBPK modelling will be performed. Treatment of patients according to imaging findings will be complemented by stereotactic thermal ablation.

Lead: MUI

Contributing Partners: UHEI, AAA

Duration: Month 24 – 48


1st Year`s Achievements

WP6 will start in M24 with preparations for the planned Clinical Trial in Patients with TK-resistant GIST tumors. After approval by competent authorities and ethical committee the trial will start recruitment of patients in M36 and finish by the end of the MITIGATE project to provide data on GIST tumour visualisation, characterisation and dosimetry of a novel radiopharmaceutical.