Project Mitigate

Work Package 8

Multimodal Therapy Control

WP8 will develop new metabolic MR methods for early assessment of therapeutic response. A standardised 23Na TSC measurement to cover multiple organs in one scan, along with dedicated resonator systems with high sensitivity will be designed. For multinuclear signal detection (hydrogen and sodium) the X-nuclei MR data will be fused with time-resolved DWI and DCE MRI data sets as well as with DECT perfusion for additional quantification of tumour vascularity and cellularity. Apoptosis induced by therapy of GIST will also be monitored by using a technetiated Tc-99m radiocompound for SPECT imaging.

Lead: CAGE

Contributing Partners: UHEI, AAA, Rapid

Duration: Month 1 – 48


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1st Year`s Achievements

WP8 is involved in the development of quantitative and multimodality imaging protocols for the GIST characterization and erly assessment to therapeutic response. During the first year Unito and CAGE partners have set-up dedicated imaging systems and chambers for handling immunocompromised mice inside MRI and PET scanners. Unito has set-up several MRI protocols for tumor microenvironment characterization (vessel permeability, cellularity, pH and oxygenation) and CAGE has tested dedicated blood-pool contrast agents for mice MR imaging. UHEI and Rapids partners have developed and tested 23Na/1H dual-tuned abdominal coils and optimized sequences for B1 field correction for more accurate 23Na quantitation.